Dr. Jo Ann Perrella - Veterinarian

Dr. Jo Ann Perrella graduated from Auburn University in 1986.

Dr. Perrella worked in North Carolina a year before returning home to Columbus where she has worked since, first as an associate then building a practice from 2001 - 2020. Her favorite thing about her 35 years of veterinary medicine has been observing and supporting the beauty and psychological benefits of the animal/human bond. Dr. Perrella enjoys developing a relationship with her clients and their pets and assisting in the maintenance of their health from neonatal to geriatric.

Dr. Perrella focuses a lot on internal medicine and soft tissue surgery. Her Hobbies include hiking, camping, and traveling. She has 3 children: Matthew - A ph.D. of mechanical engineering, Carson - a rural family Medical Doctor in residency at Texas A&M, and Joseph - a freshman at Auburn University in aeronautical engineering. Her husband of 38 years, Guy, is an RN working at a cancer center. He is a cancer survivor and her high school sweetheart.